Online Collaboration
       and Project Management

MetaTeam is a collaborative work space that enables teams to get started quickly by keeping things simple. MetaTeam's familiar interface and intuitive functionality gets teams up and running fast.
Key Benefits

MetaTeam's unique set of features simplifies team organization. Get your teamwork out of email, Word, and Excel.

End the frustration of lost information, crisis decision-making, documentation by email, and unclear roles and responsibilities. Start benefiting from MetaTeam's simpler approach to agile collaboration.

Unique capabilities

  • Organizational clarity
  • Higher team performance
  • Greater team commitment
  • Integrated information
  • Consistent processes
  • More agile task management
Always on

24x7 Availability

MetaTeam is cloud-based. It is accessible to all team members, at all times, always.

Easy-to-use interface

Intuitive Interface

A streamlined interface lowers resistance so team members can start collaborating immediately.

Unify teams

Unify Your Team